NEWA Therm eco 300W

NEWA Therm eco 300W
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NEWA Therm eco 300W

Προϊόν σε απόθεμα

1) Temperature adjustment feature.
2) Easy and precise setting of desired temperature.
3) Waterproof insulation.
4) Operation indicator.
5) Quartz tube

Calibration tests

To guarantee maximum precision, all mechanically operated NEWA Therm eco heaters undergo 2 very stringent calibration tests.
DRY-RUN CALIBRATION TEST: the thermostats are positioned in an environment with a constant temperature and humidity in order to correct any mechanical or magnetic irregularities related to the thermostat. This guarantees that maximum precision of intervention is maintained with regard to the set temperature.
CALIBRATION TEST IN WATER:   the heaters are immersed in water at a strictly controlled constant temperature. The control of thermostat sensitivity, the efficiency of the heating element and calibration according to the reference scale on the display, occurs after 6 hours.

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